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Save Money With Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs

Our lighting specialists at Nassau Suffolk Landscape Lighting use the best fixtures available in the industry for projects in the Long Island, New York area. From LED bulbs and superior multi-tap transformers to solid copper fixtures, our experts use only the highest-quality products while providing the most professional services. Schedule your free consultation to illuminate and transform your property with exterior lighting.

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What Separates Us From Competitors

Although general contractors often offer upwards of 30 different services, one of which may be landscape lighting, they are not outdoor lighting specialists. That's where we come in. Unlike general contractors, we specialize in low-voltage landscape lighting.

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There's a lot that you should know when choosing an outdoor lighting contractor. We are here to provide you with that knowledge. Consult with us about everything from exterior lighting to lighting for:

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Much has changed in the world of outdoor lighting since we started our business. Our business has stayed on top of those changes every step of the way to bring you the best the industry has to offer. We have the latest technology, and know how to work with it. This season, we will introduce the high-tech colorful waterfall system.